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The film is about a failing Los Angeles film student, Alex (Erik Palladino), obsessed with Hong Kong-style action films. With his diploma on the line, Alex must find a subject for his documentary thesis film. His prayers are answered when he runs into Blue (Jennifer Rubin), the retiring "Hit Woman" who has recently moved into his apartment building. Later that night Alex convinces her to let him and his spoiled hypochondriacal roommate Lars (Billy Jayne) drive across country with her for her final "Hit" in Miami. After picking up his necessary cameras and equipment Alex returns to his apartment to find Mr. Z. (Tony Denison) and his henchman waiting. Alex owes Mr. Z. for a "student loan" that he gives to needy college students because as he says "I want a better life for you kids...better than the one I had." After Mr Z. acts out his favorite scene in Chinatown, lars ends up with his left nostril sliced open and Alex is given ten days to come up with the money. The following day Blue, Alex and Lars embark on the cross-country trip that will change all of their lives forever.

As they drive across country in Blue's 1967 Mustang Convertible, Alex's frustrations begin to affect the film when he realizes that her job is not nearly as exciting as the action films of which he is so fond. Through his black and white lens we see Blue tell us about running away from her New Orleans foster home at the age of 13, her fear of flying, how and why she became an assassin, and about the Foster Father who sexually abused her (Richard Portnow). Along the way they also meet a variety of strange characters including, a country singer who can't play the very songs he writes (Brian Vander Ark) and Jelly (Jon Polito), the bar owner who's "famous" Sour Toe Cocktail is served with a severed toe in the glass. "Don't forget to catch it in your teeth."

Alex finally gets what he has been looking for with the "Hit" in Miami, and becomes so enamored with "real" violence that he persuades Blue to make one last "personal" stop before she retires from the business.... The three drive to New Orleans to find her Foster Father. When Blue finally looks into the eyes of the man who has haunted her for 15 years, all of her suppressed rage comes flowing out in a violent tirade that even has Alex rethinking his motivations.

A dark and biting satire that has the audience uncomfortable while still laughing out loud, Road Kill evokes thoughts of Jean-Luc Godard's Breathless, and the Belgian film Man Bites Dog, while maintaining its own hilarious originality.

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