Erik Palladino


Jesse Fleer [Erik Palladino]
Erik Palladino is "Jesse Fleer", Alex's fetish-obsessed high school friend. Jesse lives on a houseboat in Sausalito with his silicone love doll, Jasmin, and porn video library. Blaming his addictions on the Internet, he lives a lifestyle that no one can figure out how he supports.

Palladino is a Bronx native and is currently Dr. Dave Mallucci on "er". Erik also has had recrring roles on "Murphy Brown" and "Malcolm and Eddie" and starred in FOX's "Love & Marriage".

His Film Credits include playing Jennifer Love Hewitt's deviant cousin in Can't Hardly Wait and starring in Matthew Leutwyler's award winning director debut, Road Kill. Pallidino has recently returned from filming Universal's Big Budget WWII Drama U571, Starring opposite Matthew McConaughey and Harvey Keitel.

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